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Mecatronics – REM 2012

13 09 12
Visuel présentant les logos de Supméca et de Mécatronics

MECATRONICS REM 2012, NOVEMBER 21ST – 23RD, Paris – Supméca


The 9th France-Japan Congress
The 7th Europe-Asia Congress
The 13th International Workshop on Research and Education in Mechatronics


Supméca is honoured to organize this 3 days event for MECATRONICS congress (France-Japan and Europe-Asia) and REM workshop, promoted by the International Network of Mechatronics Universities (, JSPE (Japan Society for Precision Engineering), and IOREM (International Organization for Research and Education in Mechatronics). 

This event combines for the first time the two very well established events in the field of Research and Education in Mechatronics. Experts from many different countries will come together to exchange their knowledge and experience with colleagues. This event will be the basis for new networks an cooperations in R&D and in educating Mechatronics Engineers. We hope to give you an opportunity for further cooperations e.g. in students and in university teachers exchanges.

Furthermore we include keynote presentations by renowned researchers from universities and from industry.

The congress will be held at Supméca, Paris, France. For additional information, please visit our website :