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Publication de l’ouvrage « Recycling of Plastics, Metals, and Their Composites »

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Emin Bayraktar, enseignant-chercheur à ISAE-Supméca au sein de l’équipe Tribologie & Matériaux, a le plaisir de vous annoncer la publication du livre « Recycling of Plastics, Metals, and Their Composites ».

Édité par R.A. Ilyas, S.M. Sapuan, E. Bayraktar, Copyright Year 2022, ISBN 9780367708474, December 28, 2021, 539 Pages, 298 B/W Illustrations


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Recycling of Polymers and Metal Composites

R.A. Ilyas, S.M. Sapuan, Abdul Kadir Jailani, Amir Hamzah Mohd Yusof, Mohd Nurazzi Norizan, Mohd Nor Faiz Norrrahim, M.S.N. Atikah, A. Atiqah, and Emin Bayraktar

2. Preparation of Metal Matrix Composites by Solid-State Recycling from Waste Metal/Alloy Chips

Debasis Chaira

3. A Comprehensive Study on the Recycled Aluminum Matrix Composites Reinforced with NiAl Intermetallics and TiB2–TiC Ceramic Powders

H. Murat Enginsoy, Özgür Aslan, Emin Bayraktar, Dhurata Katundi, and Fabio Gatamorta

4. Recycling for a Sustainable World with Metal Matrix Composites

Uğur Aybarç and M. Özgür Seydibeyoğlu

5. Properties of Recycled Metal Matrix Composites

A. Atiqah, N. Ismail, K.K. Lim, A. Jalar, M.A. Bakar, M.A. Maleque, R.A. Ilyas, and A.B.M. Supian

6. Morphology of Recycled Metal Composites

V. Anandakrishnan and S. Sathish

7. Performance of Natural Fiber Reinforced Recycled Thermoplastic Polymer Composites under Aging Conditions

M. Chandrasekar, T. Senthil Muthu Kumar, K. Senthilkumar, Sabarish Radoor, R.A. Ilyas, S.M. Sapuan, J. Naveen, and Suchart Siengchin

8. Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Metal Matrix Composites

Pradeepkumar Krishnan and Ramanathan Arunachalam

9. Thermal Properties of Recycled Polymer Composites

Marwah Rayung, Min Min Aung, and Hiroshi Uyama

10. Thermal Properties of Recycled Polymer Composites

Havva Hande Cebeci, Korkut Açıkalin, and Aysel Kantürk Figen

11. Flame Retardancy of Recycled Polymer Composites

Maryam Jouyandeh, Henri Vahabi, Fouad Laoutid, Navid Rabiee, and Mohammad Reza Saeb

12. Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Scrap Rubber/Epoxy-Based Composites

L.M.P. Ferreira, I. Miskioglu, E. Bayraktar, and D. Katundi

13. Design for Recycling Polymer Composites

Siti Norasmah Surip, Hakimah Osman, and Engku Zaharah Engku Zawawi

14. Effect of Heat Treatment Modification on the Tensile Strength and Microstructure of X7475 Al-Alloy Fabricated from Recycled Beverage Cans (RBCs) for Bumper Beam Applications

A. Kazeem, N.A. Badarulzaman, W.F.F. Wan Ali, M.Z. Dagaci, and S.S. Jikan

15. Recycling of Multi-Material Plastics in the Example of Sausage Casings Wastes

Marek Szostak and Pawel Brzek

16. Influence of Recycled Steel Scrap in Nodular Casting Iron Properties

Marcelo Luis Siqueira, Sebastião Bruno Vilas Boas, Fabio Gatamorta, Claudney de Sales Pereira Mendonça, and Mirian de Lourdes Noronha Motta Melo

17. Optimization of Surface Integrity of Recycled Ti-Al Intermetallic-Based Composite on the Machining by Water Jet Cutting via Taguchi and Response Surface Methodology

M. Douiri, M. Boujelbene, E. Bayraktar, and S. Ben Salem

18. Wear Behavior Analysis of a AlMg1SiCu Matrix Syntactic Foam Reinforced with Boron Carbide Particles and Recycled Fly Ash Balloons

J.P. Paschoal, J.J. Thottathil, E. Daniel, R.C. Moraes, F. Gatamorta, E. Bayraktar, and T.V. Christy

19. Procedures for Additions of Wastes to Cementitious Composites – A Review

M.A. de B. Martins, F.B. Pinto, D. Werdine, L. Ramon, C.V. Santos, P.C. Gonçalves, M.L.M. Melo, and R.M. Barros

20. Analysis of the Scientific Production of Cementitious Composites with Recycled Polymeric Materials

L.R. Roque-Silva, P.M. Alves, M.H.B. Souza, G.Z. Costal, R.M. Martins, P.C. Gonçalves, P. Capellato, M.G.A. Ranieri, R.G. Torres, M.L.N.M. Melo, and V.C. Santos

21. Cementitious Composites for Civil Construction Made with Marble and Granite Waste

M.G.A. Ranieri, P. Capellato, M.A. de B. Martins, V.C. dos Santos, P.C. Gonçalves, L.R.R. da Silva, M.L.M. Melo, and A. da S. Mello

22. Influences of the Ceramic Inclusions on the Toughening Effects of Devulcanized Recycled Rubber-Based Composites

A.B. Irez and Emin Bayraktar

23. Evaluation of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Low-Density Concrete with Residual (Scrap) Vegetable Fiber and Blast Furnace Slag

K.M.A. Silva, C. Alves, L.M.P. Ferreira, and E. Bayraktar

24. Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete (RC) with Different Scrap Coarse Aggregates

E.S. Fonseca, K.M.A. Silva, S.H.S. Santana, L. M. Policarpio, and E. Bayraktar

25. Influence of Iron Content on the Microstructure and Properties of Recycled Al–Si–Cu–Mg Alloys

A.J. Vasconcelos, R.S.M. Silva, P.J. Oliveira, M.L.N.M. Melo, and O.F.L. Rocha

26. Polymer Recycling in Malaysia : The Supply Chain and Market Analysis

K. Norfaryanti and Z.M.A. Ainun

27. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Recycled Polymer Composites

H.N. Salwa, S.M. Sapuan, M.T. Mastura, M.Y.M. Zuhri, and R.A. Ilyas